The beginning of a great looking yard starts with structure.


Keep your plants out of harms way with our durable and effective deer fencing. We use heavy-gauge knotted, not welded, steel wire in silver or black anchored with 6x6 wood posts set in concrete and heavy duty steel t-posts. This is a fence that looks great, keeps pets in and deer out, and will last a lifetime.


Our fences are constructed for utility and beauty. Using sustainably harvested lumber and a keen attention to aesthetic details, we are sure to construct a fence that keeps you and your neighbors happy.


Constructed from wood, natural stone, or fabricated blocks, we can construct any style of retaining wall less than 3’ in height.


Using high-quality sustainable lumber or alternative decking materials, we can construct any size or shape deck to augment your outdoor living space.


Natural stone patios are a great way to enjoy your outdoor living space. You won’t track mud or mulch into the house and they are nice and stable in all weather conditions. Ranging in color from being to slate gray, and with joints of mortar or ground cover plants, we can install any flagstone patio and pathway you could imagine.


Whether hand-tamped or stabilized with a cement binding agent, decomposed granite is a great looking natural and permeable surface for paths and patios. In either gold or gray, we can match the other hardscape elements in your landscape.


Keep you landscape free from gopher and mole damage with stainless steel or double galvanized gopher wire. We can armor under pathways and patios, exclude the critters from your veggie boxes, and even install a below ground fence barrier around your entire property.

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